mysql self join

Assuming that table B is exact copy of table A, and that all necessary indexes are created, self-join of table A should be a bit faster than join of B with A simply because data from table A and its indexes can be reused from cache in order to perform self-join (this may also implicitly […]


My online portfolio features some of the design works and projects that I have completed in the past. To navigate, click on the arrows or thumbnails. To pause the slideshow at any time, hover over the large image. Personal Summary widget

Web Development

Web development is a much, much deeper subject than simply building websites. It involves project management, agile work methods, and knowledge of a multitude of technologies, from the behind the scenes software that make websites come to life, to the ‘font end’ technologies that make the finished product look and feel welcoming for the user. […]

block facebook on network home router

use a sniffer like This exactly shows in real-time what domains are being queried. But to make your life easier, these are the domains being queried when using the Facebook Messenger for Windows: to block chat *******.channel**/false/p_* will update this post with the blocking ways

hard disk failure

No power. No Spin. No Sound. Burning smell. PCB is extremely hot. See burned mark on the printed circuit board. Power surge. Connect the hard drive case to wrong power supply. Hard drive makes “Clicking sound”. Symptoms of PCB failure and the percentage the following symptoms of a media failure are may be results of […]

ساعلم ابنائي

ساعلم ابنائي ان اللحيه من الاسلام وسنه من النبي العدنان وانها للمسلم عنوان و امر من الله لخير الانام وكيف القاه ان كانت فرضا وخالفناه وان الحجاب فرض من الرحمن وعفة وايمان فكيف فسرناه وان النقاب ان كان فرضا وفيناه وان كان سنة اتبعناه وكيف لا وهو عن امهات المؤمنين اقتفيناه وبامر بالضرب علي الجيوب […]