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  • How To Stop Windows 8 Updates From Force Restarting Your PC

    1: Launch the Local Group Policy Editor by entering gpedit.msc in the Run dialog box. 2:  navigate to: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update 3 in No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations  check enabled   restart  done

  • why i choose one big table for the same sets of data

    – Seek time with proper index, should be exactly the same, no matter how wide”table is. Apart from performance issues, this will simplify design and relations with other tables (foreign keys etc). – code little Assuming that table B is exact copy of table A, and that all necessary indexes are created, self-join of table […]

  • db mysql youtube speed performance

    Paul Tuckfield of YouTube is giving a keynote. He has been sysadmin for 25 years, Oracle DBA for 15 years and MySQL DBA for 8 months. For them, MySQL is one (important) piece of scalability. Top reasons for YouTube Scalability includes drinking :). Top reasons for YouTUbe database scalability include Python, Memcache and MySQL replication. […]

  • ZF2 events

    Module Manager Zend\Module\Manager: loadModules.pre For every module: Zend\Module\Manager: loadModule.resolve Zend\Module\Manager: loadModule Zend\Module\Manager: Application Successful: Zend\Mvc\Application: bootstrap Zend\Mvc\Application: route Zend\Mvc\Application: dispatch Zend\Mvc\Controller\ActionController: dispatch (if controller extends this class) Zend\Mvc\Application: render Zend\View\View: renderer Zend\View\View: response Zend\Mvc\Application: finish On an error in route or dispatch: Zend\Mvc\Application: dispatch.error Zend\Mvc\Application: render Zend\View\View: renderer Zend\View\View: response Zend\Mvc\Application: finish Note that […]

  • Free Fast Public DNS Servers List

    This is my list of better, fast public dns servers and free dns server (as compare to your ISP / DSL / ADSL / cable DNS service providers dns servers). These dns servers are free to all. I was able to improve my browsing speed with following DNS servers. Use any one of the following […]

  • Make your life better in 30 steps

    Make your life better in 30 steps Don’t compare your life to others’. You have no idea what their journey is all about. Don’t have negative thoughts of things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment Don’t overdo; keep your limits Don’t take yourself so seriously; no one else does […]


    An HTTP request is a class consisting of HTTP style requests, request lines, request methods, request URL, header fields, and body content. The most common methods that are used by a client in an HTTP request are as follows:- 1) GET:- Used when the client is requesting a resource on the Web server. 2) HEAD:- […]

  • طريقة مضمونة ومأمونة ومجربة…لزيادة الدخل ورفع مستوى المعيشي

    طريقة مضمونة ومأمونة ومجربة…لزيادة الدخل ورفع مستوى المعيشي بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ربما استغربتم من العنوان : أنا هنا سأتكلم عن حقيقة مجربة ، وثابتة … أن لن أتحدث بلغة الموظفين ذوي الدخل المحدود بل بلغة رجال الأعمال ، ولغة تجار السوق العالمية للاستثمار … ولكن من مدخل مختلف تماماً .. وأقوى من مدخل السوق […]

  • What is the best way to generate a ‘fingerprint’ of user vistor unique ness in PHP?

    easiest and best way: use phps session-management – every client is given an id, stored in a cookie (if enabled) or given as a get-variable on every link and form. (alternatively you could set a cookie on your own). but: this only “fingerprints” the browser – if the user changes his browser, deletes his cookies […]