hard disk failure

No power. No Spin. No Sound. Burning smell. PCB is extremely hot. See burned mark on the printed circuit board. Power surge. Connect the hard drive case to wrong power supply. Hard drive makes “Clicking sound”.
Symptoms of PCB failure and the percentage
the following symptoms of a media failure are may be results of failed circuit board component (PCB). Percent that follows the description represents the chance of the failed PCB..
1. Hard drive does not spin up. Either no sound or a short, quiet tickling sound can be heard. (80 percent)
2. Hard drive does not spin up. Buzzing sound can be heard. (20 percent)
3. Hard drive spins up fine, but is not recognized in device manager or in BIOS. Hard drive recognized with default manufacturer value (like 0GB capacity, wrong SN or Model). (30percent)
4. There is a burning smell can be sensed coming from a hard drive or circuit board. (95percent)
5. You can see a burned component on the hard drive circuit board. (95percent)
6. Hard drive makes a clicking sound. (20percent)
7. Extremely slow reading. (10percent)
8. Hard drive, after some time disappears from Device Manager and from the system. May also be running very hot. (40percent)
How to inspect the PCB board
1. Inspect the circuit board for signs of visible physical damage. Watch for components that appear to be cracked or burned. Turn the board over and ensure that the conducting traces on the bottom of the board don’t appear scratched or cracked. Check all silver solder blobs to ensure that none have been damaged or come off of the board.
2. Turn off the power supply to the circuit board. Use a multimeter set to the resistance or ohms setting to test the connection between the positive and negative connections from the power supply; if there is continuity between these two points the power supply may be shorted out.
Symptoms of disk assembly failure:The computer can see the file, but cannot copy the file.The computer can see the hard drive, but the size is wrongThe hard drive does not spin but make “beeping sound”If the hard drive failure is because of Falling to the floor, most likely the PCB board is ok, but the disk assembly is damaged.Seagate 7200.11-12 firmware brick problem:
spin nicely, but No see in BIOS. Disk size shown as 0 MB.
hopefully this helps !