Installing intl extension in XAMPP Fix “icuuc46.dll” file missing error

To install intl extension for php in XAMPP,

  • Open [xampp_folder_path]/php/php.ini to edit.
  • Search for

    and uncomment the line by removing semicolon.

  • In [intl] section, uncomment and define default_local and error_level values.
    intl.default_locale = en_utf8
    intl.error_level = E_WARNING
  • Save and exit the editior.
  • In XAMPP control panel, restart the apache.

If you have the “icuuc46.dll” file missing error.


When I was trying to install intl extension for php in XAMPP version 1.7.7, I had this error saying that “icuuc46.dll” file is missing and need to install for intl extension to work. After I have read through some forums, it seems like it is a bug in this xampp version. Files are included in the package but in different locations. So simple copy and paste will solve this one. I would not move the files just in case there are some other dependency.

  • Go to [xampp_path]/php/
  • Select the following 3 files:
    1. icudt46.dll
    2. icuin46.dll
    3. icuuc46.dll
  • Copy
  • Paste the files in [xampp_path]/apache/bin folder.

Now we can go back to finish our own installation. :) .

Copied cynwong